San Francisco, fast location retrieval on autozoomed map



The prefix list on the map arranges street names in an efficient Rolodex style. To get details on items with trailing ellipsis you type the letter displayed on white background. Rolling the axis of a Rolodex corresponds to typing a letter in the input box on top of the list. Its focus is indicated with a blinking caret on top of the white column. This interface to indexed data might be called a typodex in the style of rolodex, if it not prevented any typo, so Taipudex does identify. The scope of taipudex changes with every valid keystroke or click, until you find the street or place in mind. To get the map view of the final item, type Return or arrow right on the selected line. Selection with white background happens with key up/down.
This is a 'find as you type' service, powered by TclHttpd, an extensible web server built in Tcl. To keep it small, simple, and fast, this service runs without any external database to get the Tiger data from US Census Organization. There is not even a traditional index file. What you browse is the underlying string representation of the catalog. Final items have their markers already associated. Firefox users may verify this with the Firebug plugin.
You get the destination with minimal typing effort. With every keystroke the matching item is not preselected but inserted, as the list of autocompletion elements is always well-defined.
Improper keystrokes are ignored. Case sensitivity is regarded only in given branches. The definite completion approach avoids any typo or multiple selection.
The blue lines and moveable red markers are additionally added to Google's map by this page's interface.
Use the street paths cautiously. Not all are available, some might be incomplete, deprecated or misleading.
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Catalog design that doesn't make you search
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Software Solutions
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Our efficient server solution meets your requirements in fast page load and responsive user interface. The Taipudex method uses instant autocompletion in a predefined starting list. The combined type-ahead and list selection spares the common feature of a search field or the need to spell check. The incremental process of input completion avoids the need to transmit large datasets on initial page load. The list depends on user input and is actually provided as needed with minimal data transfer. You get responsive web pages or local applications independent of the size of your catalog or dictionary or whatever your content is. The "prompt box" is minimal and complete at the same time, as Taipudex does not apply probabilistic methods to produce predictive suggestions. Taipudex eliminates typos and you increase your audience by unskilled spellers. Your presentation will be accessible without query language. As incremental image search selection is not yet available, your are stuck with literal interfaces.
Have your catalog items with relevant properties in arbitrary order as index, your customers will find your products easily, regardless which property they start to type. Support your customers and offer them a starting point independent what comes to their mind first. In most cases there is no need for taxonomy in the user interface or sophisticated faceted search methods.
Taipudex is fundamental to modern catalog design.
Get an incremental and fast interface to your contents.